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Choosing a new school is not an easy task. It requires time, ponderation and discenment.

Time, because it´s necessary to visit the school´s facilities, get to know the people who work there, feel the environment.

Ponderation, because there are many factors which weigh in the decision: location, schedules, transport, tuition fees, and other quite concrete aspects.

And discernment, above all else, is mandatory to confront educational and pedagogical methods of the school, and the family´s life philosophy, whereas, without harmony of projects between these two educational institutions, there is no coherence in education.

We, from Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro, have the conviction: there is not a school which is the best one to everyone.

However, we understand that a good school is that one which, acknowledging the importance of the human and social paper of education, forms people that contribute to a better world.

Intelectual, emotional and social education with results: this is our integrational vision of education. One consistent and effective formation brings as a result people capable of doing right choices (of the better university and most adequate carrer) and taking responsibility for them, in all situations.

If your expectations meet our conceptions... welcome to an education of conscious partnership, in ceaseless pursuit of quality!

Silmara Rascalha Casadei
Educational and Pedagogical General Director


feels the fruits flavour establishing connections

At Portinho, the socioemotional learning begins in the first day of life.


sees the colors in three languages

The best stage for learning the second and the third languages is at Kindergarten. At Portinho, the multiculturality and alphabetization in languages is present in the teaching of Portuguese, English and German.

The respect to the animals and the other ones are values we carry for life

At "Fazendinha", right beside of "Berçário de Mudas" and the "Horta", the little ones unveil that we are all part of the same nature.

The digital that connects lifes, expands the multiple languages of technology

"Digital Literacy" walks side by side with the analogic, in the daily routines of our children from 1 to 5 years.

The curious observings turn into questions, enabling the experience of each hypothesis

The project "Casa do Pequeno Cientista" stimulates the students of Portinho to the scientific investigative practice, with the German international certification.

Learning with Music, Art, Technology, Movement, Math, Language and Nature

At Portinho, everyday is like this...

DAS - Deutsche Auslandsschulen
Exzellente Deutsche Austandsschule
Escolla Associada da UNESCO

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